The Zendo

A work room of 80 square meters with a small contiguous room (equipement : 15 zafus, 30 mats, 15 yoga mats, 10 mattresses, a stereo …)


Terrasse and outdoor table for 40 people close to the stream, O?furo for 10 people (heated at 35° optional). Open workshop area for arts. Camping possible on the premisses

Kitchen and living-room

Kitchen : semi-professional 2 sinks, 3 refrigerators, 3 tables for 32 people, fireplace, couches, ... WIFI


12 bedrooms counting the mezzanines organized around the zen garden with a view on nature. Most of them with 2 beds with many bathrooms.

The "Moulin de Vaux" is a old watermill encompassing several buildings which have been renovated in order to accomodate groups. It is located in a rural setting, with a special concern for ecology and biodiversity (natural spaces, ecological sewage, renewable energies, local products ...)
It is a place especially designed for zen in a simple, authentic environment on a large field next to a small stream. The center abuts the owner's dwelling.
Of japanese inspiration, the zendo has a wooden floor. It is also suitable for yoga, massage, therapy, music, theatre, writing, etc, but it can not be used as a dining area.
The center is available in free management or in full board. The food we can offer is organic and vegetarian.

"Small is beautiful", "think globally, act locally", Mac Luhan's "global village", the "Last Whole Earth Catalog" and its french imitator the "Manuel de la vie pauvre", books on Zen and Tao all inspired my early years.
These now find an echo in today's theories on how to fight global warming, as if justification was needed. Today, the Moulin de Vaux is a testimony to the sort of discreet but persevering effort that each person can make wherever he or she lives" Gilles Poulain


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