Founded by Gilles Poulain and Martine Bosque-Oliva in 1976 the Moulin de Vaux is dedicated to Zen and spirituality.
It hosts Hamsa, an association founded in 1982 around Jacques Brosse.
There have been many teachers coming over the years for workshops in many related fields of knowledge.

Hamsa, goose or the swan in sanscrit symbolises the flight toward the unknown, the long migration (samasara) towards the place of imaginable bliss. When they cross the sky at dusk, the geese forming a V encourage one another and the earth resounds with their joyous cries. They express their trust in the Absolute which is the order of the world, the Dharma. The flight for us, here and now, it is the awakening, the end of the suffering of existence, the staggering discovery of the Real. The wild geese never travel alone, but in troops, otherwise they would lose their way. The Moulin de Vaux is the place of gathering, the stopover to go bravely further on. Zen has been the central activity at the mill since Gilles asked me to teach there twelve years ago. Here masters and disciples, oldtimers and beginners, we are all companions on the path" Jacques Brosse, writer, naturalist, zen monk (text written in 1995)

At the mill you can:

Practice Zen Meditation at the Moulin de Vaux
Many Zen masters have come to Le Moulin de Vaux.
There have been over the years numerous workshops ans sesshins directed by masters from different traditions though mainly Soto ansd Sambo Kyodan.
Currently there is a weekly zazen and four week-ends at the time of the equinoxes and solstices organised by Hamsa and directed by Gilles Poulain and retreats and week-ends directed by Jean-Yves Leclerc from the Shunryu Suzuki lineage.

Set up a workshop
The Moulin de Vaux as been restored to fit the needs of a growth centre for twenty to thirty people.
12 night spaces, 8 bathrooms, a small studio, The zendo and the premisses are adapted for people coming for a session.

Organize a show
The work space is abilited for 80 people.
Concerts, theatre … can be organized (inquire for conditions and availability)

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